Sunday, November 9, 2014

Breaking News! I am an Orphan

I just learned at 9:58 Sunday morning that I am an orphan! This was breaking news to me! I had believed since April 12, 1972 that I had a Father. For some 40 years I believed that I did not have a mother, I at least had the assurance and comfort of knowing I had a Father.

I learned that Francis has declared me to be an orphan. I no longer have a Father according to him. This is what he said on Twitter this past Tuesday: (How did I miss such an important revelation?)

“The Christian who does not feel that the Virgin Mary is his or her mother is an orphan.” 

Francis also said, “The model of motherhood for the Church is the Blessed Virgin Mary, who in the fullness of time conceived through the Holy Spirit and gave birth to the Son of God,” Pope Francis continued. “Her motherhood continues through the Church, who brings forth sons and daughters through baptism, whom she nourishes through the word of God.”

Sorry Francis, you are absolutely wrong! Tragically, you are fatally wrong and all those who follow your dogma. Mary was the mother of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ but she is not my mother. She is a fellow believer and my sister in Christ since she trusted in her Son for the forgiveness of her sin and sins. She does not bring forth any more sons or daughters since she has died and her body decomposed in the ground waiting on the resurrection of the body. Also, baptism does not save a single soul. Salvation is through the blood of Jesus Christ.


Ian H said...

Experience of premature senility? The Vatican, that is.

Persis said...

And we've been adopted into the family of God through the work of Jesus Christ alone!

Anonymous said...

Most interesting to read Gregg,

Scott said...

Just one of many recent comments that remind us that Catholics and "Evangelicals" are not even close to "together." The RC church is not just another denomination of Christianity, it preaches heresy and leads people away from biblical truth. Sad, sad, sad.