Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Trouble With Man and The Treasure of Salvation

  1. Man is a rebel
  2. Man is under the wrath of God
  3. Man is born dead in trepassess and sin
  4. Man is born spiritualy dead
  5. Man is born spiritually blind
  6. Man's is born with darkened spiritual understanding
  7. Man is alienated from God
  8. Man is born under the condemnation and damnation of God
Salvation is...
  • coming to the knowledge of the truth
  • being called out of darkness into the light
  • to put man into a right relationship with God
  • being brought to the awareness of the burden of sin
  • having Christ revealed to your soul by the Holy Spirit
  • having the burden of sin, guilt, and condemnation removed
Salvation is not...
  • praying a so called "sinner's prayer"
  • walking an aisle during an emotionally manipulated service
  • signing a card
  • joining a church
  • being baptized
  • taking communion
  • being confirmed
  • asking Jesus into your heart

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