Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Books - And Especially the Parchments!

Books! There have been a number of books that have made a major impact on my spiritual and pastoral life. I am forever indebted to God for prevailing upon these various authors to write these books. Allow me to share ten books which come to my mind frequently, that I re-read often, and have had the most impact on my life. They are in no particular order; they are listed as I think on them. 

1.  The Bible (I prefer the ESV)
2.  The Sovereignty of God - Arthur W. Pink
3.  The Valley of Vision - Ed. by Arthur Bennett
4.  Body of Divinity - Thomas Watson
5.  The Rare Jewell of Christian Contentment - Jeremiah Burroughs
6.  Evangelicalism Divided - Iain H. Murray
7.  Pilgrim's Progress - John Bunyan
8.  Preaching and Preachers - D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
9. Lectures to My Students - Charles H Spurgeon
10.  Christ Formed in You - Brian Hedges


11.  A Gospel Primer - Milton Vincent
12.  Growing Up in Grace - Brett Murray
13.  The Discipline of Grace - Jerry Bridges
14.  The Transforming Power of the Gospel - Jerry Bridges
15.  The Gospel According to Jesus - John MacArthur


Scott said...

Good list. Would have added Packer's "Knowing God" for sure, but otherwise... It's always tough to make lists like this. I always feel I'm leaving something out, and it depends on my mood, and it depends on what I've read recently. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

Gregg Metcalf said...

Scott - thanks! It is hard to make such a list, particularly if it is limited to 10 or so books. It might be different if I could list a couple hundred or so. I thought more than once about "Knowing God" but as you could see I couldn't keep it to 10 as it was. You are welcome brother, thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Gregg Metcalf said...
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