Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Seven Things That Are Detrimental to the Church

This list is by no means exclusive. I am sure we can add many more things for days to come. For example, the lack of church discipline today church-wide is a major problem. However, I would let this item fall under, "the shift from a God-centered vision to a man-centered vision." I do so because when God is no longer our orientation and the comfort, welfare, and ease of man is our orientation, then discipline will cease in the local churches. 

So, having said that, let me share with you what I think are at least seven (7) items that have had a detrimental affect on the local church. By the way these items are in no order of importance or significance.

  • The chasing of the American dream
  • The dumbing down of the gospel
  • The shift from a God-centered vision/focus to a man-centered vision/focus
  • The casualness/nonchalance in the pulpit
  • The removal of the pulpit
  • The loss of expository preaching
  • The influx of Neo-evangelicalism
For a bonus:

The emergence and rise of the rock-star pastor


Anonymous said...

7 very important things Gregg, I also liked the bonus one.


Scott said...

Great list...until I got to the last one. You mean, I can't be a rock star?? I guess you'd rather see Country Star Preachers, huh? :)

Gregg Metcalf said...

Yvonne - Thanks! I always appreciate your comments and input!

Scott - Also thanks to you for stopping by. Sorry, you might be a legend in your own mind, but no room in the church for rock-star or country-star preachers. :) Though but by the grace of God you would have made a great one!

lyn said...

Excellent list Gregg, especially the bonus. The church has become nothing more than an earthly empire for many as they seek to increase worldly wealth and it's fleeting possessions. If I may, I would like to mention a couple more - there is no fear of God, and no right understanding of His attributes. America worships an 'unknown god'.

May the Lord continue to bless you and make His face to shine upon you

Gregg Metcalf said...

Lyn - Thanks so much! You are right and I agree whole-heartedly with you. You additions are right on and unfortunately fit with the others.