Saturday, March 8, 2014

From what Dunghill Did Election Find You?

Election having once pitched upon a man, it will find him out and call him home, wherever he be. It called Zaccheus out of accursed Jericho; Abraham out of idolatrous Ur of the Chaldees; Nicodemus and Paul, from the College of the Pharisees, Christ’s sworn enemies; Dionysius and Damaris, out of superstitious Athens. In whatsoever dunghills God’s elect are hid, election will find them out and bring them home.

John Arrowsmith  (1602 – 1659)


Anonymous said...

Food for thought there Gregg. Hope you're ok and enjoy your week-end.


lyn said...

Amen...may I never forget the sewer God pulled me out of.

Susan said...

Just yesterday (on a long drive from somewhere) my hubby and I were pondering the fact that even in our best fleshy moments we are terrible and need of forgiveness. We thought on the Pharisee and the publican, and that the publican being aware of the vileness of the flesh was humbled. We can parade about in our thin veneer of self-righteousness (at our best) and actually be at our worst the way the Lord sees it. Left to ourselves we are hopelessly headed for hell no matter how hard we try it won't succeed. However, the Lord provided His way by His strength and mercy and miraculous regeneration.