Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Prologue - Part 5

Christian Living in a World of Chaos
A series on the true faith & life of a Christian

The Prologue: The Reason for the Incarnation
Part 5 * 1 John 1:4

4A  The Expectation of John (Vs. 4)

       1B  The Design of John’s Expectation

             1C  …as seen by the Words

             2C  …as seen by the Writer

       2B  The Desire of John’s Expectation

             1C  The Implication of John’s Desire

              2C  The Importance of John’s Desire

              3C  The Indication of John’s Desire

              4C  The Implementation of John’s Desire

        3B  The Definition of John’s Expectation

              1C  The Meaning Determined

              2C  The Means Developed

       4B  The Demonstration of John’s Expectation

             1C  Demonstrated by its expression

             2C  Demonstrated by its exultation

             3C Demnstrated by its experience

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