Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bumper Sticker Philosophy and Faith

Really? Is this Facebook post really in line with Christianity? Do you really think Christ would have gathered the multitude on a hillside in view of the cross and gave these instructions?

Is it just me or have "Christians" gone off the track these days by becoming addicted to bumper sticker philosophy and faith? I cannot seem to load Facebook any more without some one (supposedly believers) posting some inane, ungodly, and even ridiculous "poster" immortalizing worldly philosophy or wisdom.

Believers have seemed to have lost the urgency, seriousness, and warrior attitude these days. Christianity seems to have shifted from let's be about our Father's business and work before the night comes to let's party like its 1999.

I would expect this from Robert Schuller or Joel Osteen. I can't imagine for one moment thinking I would hear this from Charles Spurgeon or John Calvin.


Cathy M. said...

I know, right? I "hide" repeat offenders from my feed. Life is too short indeed. Good luck with being anything but happy in it.

Gregg Metcalf said...

Cathy - Yeah! I am about to hide or defriend a major repeat offender. It is so sad this good friend is using such bumper sticker philosophy to justify sin. It is so sad.

Why does a Christian settle for happiness when the HS is charged with producing joy in their lives?

KC Bob said...

Bumper Sticker Theology? Love that Gregg. I have some of the craziest religious clich├ęs come from the mouths of so-called learned people.

Gregg Metcalf said...

KC Bob - Ain't that the truth!

James Worthe said...

Maybe the book will contain a tear-jerking story about somebodies difficult life or even a triumphant journey of a born leader, either way its purpose is to conjure up a feeling of belief in self and to transcend a message of "wow if they can do that then I can too". It shows us that we are all connected some way or another because someone elses story can inspire us to do great things.

Ilchi Lee