Friday, November 22, 2013

Seeds For Spiritual Soil - Bible Intake

Seeds for 
Spiritual Soil

Type of Bible Intake
1.  Devotional Reading & Meditation
2.  Annual Reading through the Bible
3.  Serious Bible Study
Read to Feed Your Soul
  • read books specifically for your soul
  • read books specifically for your mind
  • read books specifically for your ministry
Read Variety of Spiritual Books
  • Read Theological books
  • Read Biographical books
  • Read Spiritually Inspiring books

1 comment:

Susan said...

Been Reading thru the Bible on my phone app and I LOVE it! I've completed the New Testament and now am in Genesis, reading about Jacob and Esau now. I've read many of the Bible books over and over, and have read all at least once, but never in succession like this. It truly is "soul food"!