Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How to Kill Pride

To Help Cultivate Humility & Weaken Pride
Practices of Special Focus and Concentration

1.      Study the Attributes of God the incommunicable attributes.

          Study attributes that have no human reflection or illustration

·        Study Wayne Gruden’s Systematic Theology
·        Study A. W. Pink’s Attributes of God
·        Study A. W. Tozer’s The Knowledge of God
·        Study Stephen Charnock’s Attributes of God

2.      Study the Doctrines of Gracesalvation from first to last is of God

·        Study the doctrine of election
·        Study the doctrine of calling
·        Study the doctrine of justification
·        Study the doctrine of perseverance

3.      Study the Doctrine of Sinsin is our mean, abject condition

·        Study the delicacy of sin
·        Study the destructiveness of sin
·        Study the deceitfulness of sin
·        Study the desire of sin

4.      Study the Evidences of Grace -  in the lives of others

·       Actively look for ways that God is @ work in others
·       Accurately examine the Apostle Paul as an example
·       Attentively familiarize oneself with fruit of the Spirit

·       Affectionately look to God to lead you to the evidence


Scott said...

Great summary. We all need it. Thanks

Gregg Metcalf said...

Thanks Scott! I appreciate your comments. You are welcome.