Monday, January 21, 2013

A Week of Thirteens: Day Five

A Week of Thirteens

I have never claimed to be clever or original. However, 2013 is somewhat significant to me. As a result I came up with the idea of “A Week of Thirteens.

Day Five:    Thirteen Blog Topics for 2013

1.  The Doctrine of Conversion  (Series coming in February)

2.  Problems in the Pulpit

3.  Problems in the Pew

4.  Who Said...?

5.  The Demise of Particular Baptists

6.  The Works of the LORD

7.  The Art and Science of Prayer

8.  The Attributes of God

9.  The Most Misquoted Verse in the Bible (And Misunderstood)

10.  Series on Preaching

11.  Did Jesus Really Say That?

12.  Prayer in Poetry

13.  Readers Choice


Anonymous said...

I think this is original and a very good idea Gregg.


Persis said...

Great topics, Gregg.