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Theological Definition:Paulicians
A highly independent sect that arose in the heart of the Eastern Church about AD 750. They are considered either "early protestants" or "radical oriental dualist's." They were very influential during their time. They were anti-Romanists who repudiated mariolatry intercession of saints, and the use of relics/images. They despised the Roman hierarchy,as they themselves had one level or grade of ministry. They rejected infant baptism and taught that 30 was the proper age for baptism at which time the Holy Spirit was received. As far as Christology they were adoptionists (the erroneous teaching that Jesus was a mere man who was adopted by God). They valued Pauline writings very highly. However, they occasionally used of some of the other Old and New Testament writings. 1

(top left - painting depicting the persecution of some Paulicians)

1 Walter A Elwell, Evangelical Dictionary of Theology (Grand Rapids: MI, Baker Academic Book House, 2001, p. 895-896)


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