Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thug Life?

This a video promoting Life Groups at East Coast Christian Center, Merritt Island FL. What on Earth does the "thug life" have to do with Christian sanctification and Bible study? Exactly what is this promoting? How many ways is this wrong?

Life Groups Music Video - "Thug Life" from East Coast Christian Center on Vimeo.

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welcome to my world of poetry said...

Thug life is all too common these days, whether it's against the elderly or youngsters.I think it's about time it stopped. I looked at the video and switched it off half way through.


RaD said...

I'm not sure I get the problem. I mean apart from not getting how the title matches up with the song, but that's it. They tagged it as Christian comedy, but I can see how they would use it as an outreach for younger generations. If that's what young people are into they are more likely to listen when you speak their "lingo". And you may not like me saying this, but it looks like they had fun recording it. I know I would have. No harm, no foul.

AL said...

Wow. It seemed to me that they're mocking Christianity. That's gotta be the worst thing I've seen in quite a while.

Ma ~ said...

This is just terrible:(

Gregg said...

RaD - The problem is that it mocks the true and living God by appealing to the flesh rather than lifting one up to God through the Spirit. It is a means of not only demeaning but dumbing down the gospel and Christian message. They won't reach younger generations for the Christ of Bible, they are reaching them with a Christ of their own imagination that allows them to maintain pride, self-centeredness, and such rather than through the Spirit teaching them to deny themselves, pick up a cross, and follow Christ to their death. This is what is wrong with so called evangelical Christianity today.

I don't mind you saying it looks they had fun making it, I am sure they did. I am not against fun. The gospel, pride, holiness, Christ, and sanctification is to serious to be treated this sinfully. Thank's for your comment. I am sure this will be a place where we "agree to disagree" and I am cool with that. I still like your blog and hope you drop by mine. Lord bless you brother!


Arlee Bird said...

The fact that it is parody and intended to by comedy doesn't bother me too much. I didn't find anything that they said that was offensive. Hopefully something like this would catch the attention someone leading this lifestyle and make them curious about a "life group". My real concern would be what is taught in these "life groups".

I have a much bigger problems with young people who go out and get tattoos and say it's part of their witness. That's not funny.

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