Monday, October 4, 2010

My 500th Post!

Well, here it is! It has finally arrived – my 500th post. Who would have thunk it? When I read a challenge back in February 2009 from Abraham Piper that pastors should blog, I never thought this far ahead.

 At that time I didn’t even know what a blog was and I had never even read a blog. I had no idea what to say, oh excuse me, I guess it is I had no idea what to blog about or what to post. It took some time to develop this blog and nurture it into maturity. I am not implying it has fully matured, but I hope as it ages it responds in a similar fashion to good wine.

What does one blog for their 500th post? After all it is somewhat of a milestone. I certainly don’t take all the credit for the development of this blog. I would not have arrived at this point without th assistance from a number of sources. I am especially indebted to you, the readers of this blog!

 First, I certainly thank God to whom this blog is dedicated for the vast material that He has supplied. In regards to God I wanted to accomplish at least two things. I wanted to: 
  • Spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things
  • To magnify – to make bigger and clearer the character and nature of our God 

Second, I thank you – all of you who read and/or follow this blog. Your comments have helped me shape both the look and the content of this blog. You have given me ideas, suggestions, direction, and even some frustration. We all know that moderate doses of frustration fuel the maturing process. With you the reader always in my mind I have wanted to do three things: 
  • Edify you in the things of our gracious God  
  • Encourage you with scriptural principles
  •  Expand your view of biblical and spiritual things 
I have tried to do this in a number of ways:
  • Book reviews      
  •  Bible studies        
  • Word studies        
  • Theological definitions & dissertations  
  • Exposing you to authors, bible teachers, pastors, and insights from other bloggers
  • Original articles, exposes, poems, and songs       
  • Videos of songs, sermons, and humor 

Lord willing I intend to continue on blogging. Now that I have been brought face to face with this 500th post, I am already thinking about my 1,000th post. By God’s grace I intend to continue to satisfy my desire to edify, encourage, and expand the views of my readers. I hope that the readership of this blog continues to grow. I should hope that the numbers of followers continue to grow also, but I don’t see those two things indicative of one another. I desire that when you stumble across this blog that you read my posts. I desire that you read them carefully, thoughtfully, and curiously. I certainly don’t expect you to always agree with my posts. I only desire that you think through them. Then leave a comment. Whether you agree or not, please express your thoughts from your careful reading.

I want to take a chance here, would you tell me why you read my blog or how it is of benefit to you? I ask only in the light of improving and maturing this tool for your sake and the glory of God.

So, in conclusion of this happy event, I want to say thank you!

Thank you for reading my 500th post!


Seams Inspired said...

Congratulations! What a milestone! I read your blog because you provide thought-provoking ideas. You answer my Bible questions without judging me, and you are steadfast in your beliefs that Jesus Christ is your Savior. Because you do not waver from this, I know I can trust your responses. :o) Happy Monday and 500! Larri at Seams Inspired

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Congratulations Gregg, a great achievement, here's to the next 500.

Ma ~ said...

Congrats Gregg!

Persis said...

Congratulations, Gregg!

I read your blog because I am encouraged in Christ through His word in what you write. God bless you, brother!

Lloyd said...

Congratulations, Gregg! The Lord has blessed you and your blog. I have to admit that when I first started reading your blog I was sort of hesitant because of all of the blogs out there in cyberspace that water down the truth of God's Word or preach false doctrines. I must confess that your blog is TRUELY a gift from God and that when folks happened to drop in they will certainly read the truth of what the Bible has to say. Blessings my friend in Christ. Lloyd

Gregg said...

Larri - thank you so much for those kind words and words of confidence. I truly appreciate them.

Yvonne - Thank you. You are always an encouragement to me. I hope there is by God's grace another 500 posts.

Ma - Thank you!! Please continue to drop by. I'll leave the light on.

Persis - thank you so much. You don't know how much I appreciate that. I love reading your blog and seeing your "spiritual journey" and testimony. You are a blessing to me.

Lloyd - I truly appreciate those words. You are a blessing brother.

IanH said...

Congratulations, Gregg! Blogland is much improved by having you as a "resident"!

Scott said...

Congratulations, Gregg. I'm not even half way there, but you are an inspiration!

Gregg said...

IanH - Thanks for your kind words.

Scott - Thank you Scott. You will get there.

Journaling Woman said...

Well even if this is my first visit and on your 500th post, I feel honored. And...I was almost your 100th follower.

I came here because you were kind enough to name a car on my rural blog. Thanks.

I'll be back.


I would of thunk it! Congratulations Brother Gregg!

If the Lord tarries, and I don't kick the bucket before then, I plan to be around to read number 1000 some day! :-)


asadisae said...

nice blog...

please visit my blog and follow .. thanks

Brian Ray Todd said...

I think about the time and the committment to this ministry to help others gain spiritual knowledge, to help in understand the holy scripture's meaning & application in life, to clearly grasp what it means to be a disciple (follower/student) of Jesus Christ, and member of the body of Believers and in a lost and sinful world. Thank you for being a light on the hilltop for all to see the glory of the Lord through your excellent writing. Congratulations on 500 posts!

Kansas Bob said...

Congrats Gregg! Looking forward to the next 500.

Arlee Bird said...

I didn't want to miss congratulating you on your achievement here. You've been doing a great job in furthering the understanding of God's word and creating fellowship in the blog community. Thanks for a job well done and look forward to the next 500 posts.

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