Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Preaching Opportunities - Request your prayers

I know I am been slow to post this last week. I have been given the wonderful opportunity of preaching this Sunday, both in the morning service and the evening service in the absence of our pastor. He will out due to some oral surgery.
I am still doing an analytical and exposition of the gospel of John in the Adult Bible Class. I will just continue in the same place our pastor would have been for Sunday Morning. I will be exegeting Mark 15:33-41, The Death of the Lord Jesus Christ.
1A The Prelude to the Christ's Death
1B The Darkness that Filled the Land
2B The Despair that Filled the Lord
2A The Problem with Christ's Death
1B The Translation Error
2B The Tragedy Exposed
3A The Product of Christ's Death
1B The Triumph of the Victory
2B The Tearing of the Vail
3B The Testimony of the Vexiliary
4A The Proof of the Christ's Death
1B The Damsels that Loved the Lord
2B The Disciple that Loved the Lord
Looking forward to preaching God's word to God's people! Please pray for the Holy Spirit to do his work his way!


Eddie Eddings said...

Just prayed for you brother.

Gregg said...

Thank you, and I continue to pray for your daughter, family, and your work situation. Spent some time yesterday morning as a part of my devotional time remembering your family before the Lord.