Thursday, October 1, 2009

Top Ten Prayer Requests for Spiritual Growth

I was thumbing through my "prayer book" today and I came across my top ten list of things I pray for in order to seek spiritual growth. This list will almost never make the Dave Letterman Show's Top Ten, but I hope it can be of some benefit to some one. I offer it in no order of importance.
Sometimes I just sit quietly during my devotional time and meditate on one of these requests. I sometimes look up Scripture that addresses each one. I realize that in these areas I need to continue to grow. So, I pray and ask God for his mercy and assistance in order:
1. To properly worship and adore God
2. To discern His will for my life and not my own
3. To fully understand your word with insight beyond my ability
4. To be obedient to God without hesitation, question, or fear
5. To serve God with the gift that He has mercifully given me
6. To fully appreciate my redemption by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ
7. To fear God with a reverence and respect that is worthy of Him
8. To hope for all things in His mercy alone
9. To learn to truly wait upon God in all things
10. To resist and refuse temptation in His strength and power for His glory
What do you think?

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