Monday, October 12, 2009

Finding Your Greatest Happiness in Communion with God!

According to Thomas Goodwin, the consummate fruit of justifying grace is communion with God. And that communion is a vital, mind-engaging, heart-affecting, will-moving fellowship. Faith is not an end in itself; instead it is the instrumental means of justifying grace. But justification is not an end in itself either. In Romans 5, Paul regards justification as a means for the privilege of access to God. Then in Romans 6, he regards justification as one of the primary motives for growth in holiness. But neither is holiness and end in itself. Holiness is the means of making our access to God sweeter and more enjoyable. So Goodwin concludes that enjoying communion with God is the end of all our graces. We’ve been granted the great and glorious privilege of finding happiness in communion with God. Because of all that Christ our Savior has done while we were poor, helpless, needy sinners, God enters into a relationship with us whereby we may experience exquisite and unending pleasure in Him. We rejoice in the hope of Glory. We rejoice in tribulation, but as Goodwin says, “it is a purer and higher joy to rejoice in God Himself.” What do you think? Murray G. Brett, Growing Up in Grace, (Grand Rapids: Reformation Heritage Books), pp. 11-12

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