Monday, June 29, 2009

How's Your Love?

"Has the luster of the infinite holiness of God ever shone upon your heart and drawn your heart to him? And has your heart ever leaped at the sight of the brightness of His holiness? Is this why you love Him? If so, you know God correctly and your love is correct."
--Jeremiah Burroughs
Why do we love God? More often than not it is because of what we receive or get from Him. We love His grace, His goodness, and His greatness, but do we love Him for Him alone? Periodically we have to step back from our selfish desires and legitimate needs and evaluate who or what it is that we really love - the God of gifts or the gifts of God.
It certainly is not wrong to love God because He gives good gifts to His children, as a matter of fact James tells us that every good and perfect gift comes from our Father. We are to be appreciative of all that God gives to us because we do not deserve any of it.
In the midst of all the good that God showers on us let's strive to love Him because of His holy character. May our hearts leap with admiration and adoration at the sight of His bright holiness in our hearts. May we as Jeremiah Burroughs says, know God correctly and love Him correctly!

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