Monday, May 18, 2009

Worldly Christians?

This is a word that we would not ordinarily associate with obedient, spirit-influenced, and holy believers who desire to live "godly in Christ Jesus." More often than not, when we hear the term "worldly Christians" we think of someone who is backslidden or is "carnal." Yet, this Friday and Saturday that is what we were admonished to become! I had the indescribable pleasure of attending the Living Water/Christ Our Redeemer Men's Retreat. Our speaker took his text from John 17:15-19 and pleaded with us to be the type of authenticate Christians who engage this world and those who are of it by being sent by Christ as ambassadors of good news. Jesus prayed for the disciples (apostles) and then sent them into this world with all his authority to engage the unbelievers. The truth of the matter is all to real that at times we have both isolated and insulated ourselves from the unsaved. However, you have heard the old expression, "that we can become to heavenly minded to be of any earthly good." This happens as we withdraw from the unbelievers in our daily lives. Yes, we are not of this world, nor are we to love this world, and we are truly pilgrims passing through this world. Yet, the truth remains that we are in this world. There are worldlings all around us that are lost, chained in fortresses of darkness, who are doomed to an eternity of judgement and punishment. We need to go into this world and purposefully and intentionally engage them in a loving, humble, realistic manner in order to share the gospel with them. To be authentic we were admonished, is to remain pure and free from sinful behavior or practices while we develop friendships and relationships in order to effectively share the gospel. Intentional evangelism, life-style evangelism, enemy engagement - call it what you will, just authentically, do it! (Sorry, Nike) It was a challenging weekend to say the least. The food was great, the fellowship was heavenly, and the fun was, well fun. It was challenging to the soul also. I came away refreshed and recharged and with a tremendous desire to engage those immediately around me who give evidence of not knowing Christ as their Lord and Savior. In other words, I have been challenged to become a worldly Christian!


DrDeb said...

I completely agree! I think Jesus and his disciples did a lot of laughing and celebrating. I love the book "Jesus CEO" because it has a real-world, feet-on-the-ground depiction of our Savior that I find so lovable and approachable.

Thank you for this wonderful post!

Dr. Deb
Interfaith Spirituality

Gregg said...

thank you so much, I am honored that you even read, thanks for your comment