Thursday, May 14, 2009

Standing on the Promises of God – Literally?

A company in Ohio is marketing shoe inserts with Bible texts printed on them called "In-Souls". You put them in your shoes and actually stand on scriptural texts containing certain promises from the Word of God. You can even purchase a companion journal to record your experience standing on God's word. Can a collection of the writings of John Bunion be far behind? After initially being grieved at the frivolous way God’s Word was being treated, I found out this company is connected with the "name it- claim it" or what I call the "blab it- grab it crowd and I was’t surprised. It’s one more time symbolism is touted over substance in the so called Christian community. This is not what the author of our song had in mind when he wrote this wonderful hymn. He was caught up in the majesty and splendor of the truthfulness God’s Word, and he was so overwhelmed by the confidence that can be placed in the word of God that he wrote the words and music of this song. God has not told us to hide his word in our shoes, but where? In our hearts! Listen to the bible: "In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began; ..."Titus 1:2 "He is the Rock, his work is perfect: for all his ways are judgment: a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is he ..."Deut 32:4 "And now, O Lord GOD, you are God, and your words are true, and you have promised this good thing to your servant." II Sam 7:28 "For the word of the LORD is right; and all his works are done in truth." PS 33:4 "Wherein God, willing more abundantly to shew unto the heirs of promise the immutability of his counsel, confirmed it by an oath: That by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us": Heb 6:17-18 We do not need some God dishonoring gimmick to show with empty symbolism that we trust God’s infallible Word. We stand on the promises and truths of God’ word when we live it, when we practice God’ truth. We live out in daily practice what we believe. What we don’t live out in daily practice demonstrates what we don’t really believe.
So stand with me and lets continue to sing with all our heart, might, and soul to our ever truthful God at all times that great hymn, "Standing of The Promises of God!"

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