Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Importance of the Sovereignty of God

"Yours, LORD, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty, for all that is in the heavens and in the earth is yours. Yours is the kingdom O LORD, and you are exalted as head above all." (I Chronicles 29:11 ESV)

John Murray wrote: "The church and the world have never stood in greater need than today of the message of the sovereignty of God."

There was a time when the sovereignty of God was a theological concept that was taught and understood by God's people. This doctrine was regularly preached in the pulpits and God's people loved this doctrine. It seems that today, if you mention the absolute sovereignty of God, it is as if you are speaking in a foreign language.

No doubt there are a number of reasons that this biblical doctrine and concept is important. I am sure you could "pile on" and add on for days, since this is such a vital biblical concept. However, we are going to briefly mention four reasons that affirm the utter importance of understanding the sovereignty of God. The sovereignty of God:

Defends History

History has meaning when it is viewed in the light of the sovereignty of God. There is nothing chaotic or haphazard about all of the events that have taken place in world history. Whether it be the rise and fall of civilizations, monumental discoveries, wars, disasters, and seemingly random calamities, nothing has taken place that has not been ordered by a sovereign God. God is in control and is working out his determined purpose and in his perfect timing. From WWW II to 9/11, history as you know is simply "His Story" being worked out.

Defines Providence

God is never caught by surprise! God's providence or control is seen in every event and in every life. God's purpose and plan for every individual, whether sinner or saint is guided by his providence. As mind blowing as it is, even the wicked have been made for the day of destruction. Divine providence is simply the sovereignty, the superintendence, or the agency of God over events in people's lives and history.

Dispenses Comfort

The very number of hairs on our head are numbered by God. A sparrow does not die and decompose without the very knowledge of God. God dresses the fields with flowers even though they never work for them. God has determined every event in our lives. He has numbered our days, he has written our days. The epistle of James makes it clear that any trial, tribulation, or even temptation is for our benefit. We can find great comfort in the fact that, what people might call random acts of violence, or the most heart braking episodes of our lives, God is in control and a prayer away. He will never leave us and will not withhold any thing from us that we need.

Demonstrates Glory

With an all power and all majestic God in charge we can relax. We don't have to work ourselves in to a frenzy trying to maintain the world. God is demonstrating his character and nature through the events of history for his glory. God determined to reveal his character and nature and we are to magnify and reflect his character and nature. God gets the glory! Through every event that is sovereignly manifested in our lives we are to demonstrate the various parts of God's glorious character so that others may see God and perhaps might become a worshipper of our God also.

A. W. Pink wrote: "The God of the twentieth century is a helpless, effeminate being who commands the respect of no really thoughtful man. The God of the popular mind is the creation of a maudlin sentimentality. The God of many a present day pulpit is an object of pity rather than of awe-inspiring reverence." (Don't you wish you could write like this? I do!)

The truths of the bible are built upon the foundation of the sovereignty of God. Yes, Virginia, the bible makes it clear that God is in absolute charge or control. We are greatly comforted by the fact that nothing takes our God by surprise and that nothing is greater than our God. Therefore, God can protect all his people, supply all their needs, control all things, and even avenge all things.

The Sovereignty of God! What a doctrine!


DrDeb said...

I love the description of the 20th-century God as a "helpless, effeminate being an object of pity rather than of awe-inspiring reverence." I agree that God has been reduced to that role in many eyes, and I feel that some of the controversies that occupy human minds are far, far below where God wishes our minds to be focused. In my opinion, one of those controversies is the creationism vs. evolution debate, which advanced another step this week: Judge rules against teacher who called creationism nonsense.

Is this a debate where God wants our minds to be focused, or does it merely distract us from where the true work lies?

This is a great site; I added it to my favorites!

pilgrim mommy said...


"When all around my soul gives way
He then is all my hope and stay"