Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Letter From Dad

Yesterday was my youngest daughter's birthday and today is my third daughter's birthday. One is twenty seven and the other is now twenty eight. As I reflect on this I find myself amazed at where the years have gone. I was able to present at the birth of both of these baby girls. It was an amazing experience as anyone who has been present at a birth knows. Of course as a father you have such high hopes for all of your children. I was 26 and 27 when they were born. Barely old enough to take care of myself and still very immature in Christ. I wasn't yet aware of the sovereignty of our God, let alone His majesty and glorious nature. I wasn't yet familiar with Psalms 139 or Psalms 90. I was still living for myself rather than as a grateful bond servant of the Lord Jesus Christ so I didn't have much to pass on to these precious little gifts from God. My older two daughters are in their thirties and I certainly had nothing at the time of their birth and early development to pass on to them. It grieves me now to look back after growing in Christ to the extent that I now have and to think of all that I could have taught them about our magnificent God. Fortunately it seems that God is greater than me and He is working in their lives despite my failures. Now, I want to encourage each of my girls to remember that God has created them in His image. He has given them life. Their days are numbered meaning that the day and manner of their death has already been determined. Girls, you need to live your life to the fullest remembering that we will give an account of our life to Him. Live your lives for the glorification and magnification of His character and nature. Treasure God and desire Him above all things. Trust Him for He who has freely given you His Son for your redemption will give you all things to meet your needs and to enable you to live godly in Christ Jesus. Please read Ecclesiastes and especially chapter twelve very carefully. Girls, for Christ's sake, "Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is man's all." Now I have some things to pass on to you... I love all four of you very much! Dad

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