Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Awful God

I am re-reading A. W. Tozer’s great book called The Knowledge of God. Once more I am amazed by the “truths” he raises in his introduction. A major point that he raises in his introduction is what he refers to as the “loss of the concept of the majesty (of God) from the popular religious mind.” The church as a whole no longer has the concept of God as majestic, awesome, and to use an old word awful. We have redefined the word awful into something that we now mean as bad or even objectionable. We forget that the word means to be terrified, filled with awe, filled with deep respect or reverence. The view of the church today has lost the deep reverential fear and respect of a holy, majestic, and awesome God. We have concocted a god from our own imagination that we find more pleasant, more appealing, and more human. Therefore we no longer worship and adore the true and living God of the Scriptures. Oh, that the church as a whole would go back to the bible, go back to the true knowledge of God! This knowledge includes God’s awesomeness, His true majesty, and His true holiness. May the church today regain her understanding and appreciation of the fullness of the glory of the living God.

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