Thursday, August 5, 2021

Thoughts on My Devotions (Part 2)

 Thoughts on My Devotions (Part 2)

First – the purpose of my devotions
• To come to God deeply & intimately
• To know exactly what the Bible says
• To deepen a vibrant relationship w/God
• To learn about my inheritance in Christ
• To grow in the knowledge & grace of God
Second – the plan of my devotions
• Prayer for guidance, understanding, discernment
• Hymns or choruses in order to offer worship/praise
• Old Testament Reading (1-3 chapters)
• New Testament Reading (one paragraph/section)
• Journaling of thought, responses, questions, & application
• Prayer for implementation and obedience
Third – the patterns for my devotions
• Biographical character studies
• Study & Meditation on specific doctrines
• Key Chapters of the Bible
• Key Passages in the bible
o Creation
o The Fall of Man
o The Call of Abraham
o The Birth Narratives of Christ
o The Life of Christ
o Sermon on the Mount
o Historical Narratives
o Wisdom Sections
o The Major Prophets
o The Minor Prophets
o Prophecy
o The New Testament Church
o The Parables of Jesus
• Specific books of the bible
o Meditate thru a complete book of the bible one paragraph at a time
o Spend a lot of time in the New Testament


nashvillecats2 said...

Hope you realise all your hopes Greg.


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Abigale Huels said...

Thank you for sharing your reflections on your devotions. It's so important to have a consistent practice of spending time with God and allowing Him to speak to our hearts.

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