Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Metcalf Family Reunion & Birthday Celebration!

 No, dear ones, I have not forgotten about you. We have been on a two-week vacation to Albuquerque and Austin, Texas. We left on the 14th and arrived home on the 27th.

We didn't want to post anything in order not to alert the burglers that our home would be empty for two weeks. Praise God, nothing was amiss or out of order when we walked in the door.
My dear Father turns 90 years old on December 1, 2021. So my sister and sister-in law of Austin and Houston hosted a 90th birthday celebration of his life which turned into a Metcalf family reunion (we even had one Torres from Irene's side join us from San Jose, CA). August was selected as the most convenient time to gather as many of us as possible and not have any one travel in inclement weather.
We had family come from New Mexico, Illinois, Kansas, Texas, Alabama and Washington. Represented were the Walter family, the Schaffer Family, the Fitzpatrick Family, and the Metcalf Family. We had five (5) generations present. My Father as the oldest at 90 and my great-grandson at 3 months.
For the first time in years, Irene and I had all four daughters under one roof at the same time and we had 4 of our 6 grandchildren (Madylinn and Diontre we missed you!)
Needless to say, we had a blast. There were nearly forty of us, somewhere around 36 or so. The food was delicious. The conversation hovered somewhere around the level of a jet engine. The laughter was contagious and continual.
The Lord blessed and was very gracious to us, Beauty (our Blazer is the Beast) our 2009 Saturn ran like a top. No flats, no tickets, no accidents, and no mechanical issues. However, we did experience the motel room from Hades - first time ever in 48 years of travel and lodging were we ever offered a room as bad as the one in Albuquerque.
I hope to get back to posting again and hearing from you all. I sure missed you but am glad to be back! May God bless you with the riches of His grace!


nashvillecats2 said...

Lovely you managed to get away, I wish all people within your family birthday wishes whenever they may come. Lovely to have you back.


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