Friday, June 4, 2021

The Perfect Bible

 Well, I think I have solved a long on-going problem. For a number of years, I have been searching for the perfect bible. To me the perfect bible is a bible that allows me to perform at least five different functions: reading, devotional, study, preaching/teaching, and carrying for ministry purposes.

First, I have discovered, they have not yet designed and produced the perfect bible.
Second, since I don't have the capability and one is not yet available, I have solved my problem in this manner:
I now have five main bibles that serve specific purposes:
1) A Reader - no chapter divisions, no headings/subheadings, no distractions, just single column text to read and contemplate/meditate
2) Devotions - an interleaved or blank bible like J. Edwards. Plenty of room to make notes and devotional comments;
3) Study Bible - I love my ESV Study Bible, it has just the right tools and helps to assist in serious study without doing the work for me;
4) Preaching/Teaching - I am obtaining a single column, verse format bible with good size fonts that I won't mark in so that I can preach/teach easily from it;
5) Carry Bible - a have a pastor's/minister’s bible that is a small, yet filled with helpful tools like wedding, funeral, dedication, visitation, hospital visitation material.
So, problem solved - 5 bibles to do 5 duties! No more searching for the perfect bible, and no more draining the book fund and overloading my shelves with hopeful candidates that turned out to be ius responsum non.
I share this because it has been a long frustration for me. I would imagine that there are others who are equally as frustrated. I hope this helps and can be a good tool or guide for you. What do you do or use for these various "tasks?"

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nashvillecats2 said...

As always Greg a good read, sorry for the delay but my hands have been painful with arhtitis plus have had a promblem on my pc to do with my Microsoft windows.
Scanned it many times showed no viruses thank goodness.
Hope you are well.