Friday, October 2, 2015

There They Go Again....

Once again I am floored by the lack of confidence and poor attitude that some people have toward the Bible. I just find it so irritating and mind-boggling that a so called believer would even make such a statement. Don't people who consider themselves to be believers actually think before they speak?

I was reading the so called "apology" of Mark Driscoll to charismatic false teachers and also to Joel Osteen. The interviewer, Brian Houston gave Driscoll the opportunity to share his feelings on "name calling" particular people for differing views or practices.

Of course Driscoll uses the video-op for a platform to show he is rehabilitated. He offers statements of his humbling and humility. He speaks of now knowing it was wrong to call out various people. Then he makes the statement that just set me on edge. It is such a celebrated statement that most people never take the time to analyze it and see just how ludicrous it really is.

Driscoll purports that he realizes he no longer has the right to call out people regarding false or incorrect doctrine or practices because, "after all, he doesn't have all of the truth either." Of course I do believe he wants to get across that he doesn't know it all either so what right does he have to condemn or criticize someone else.

You say, what is so wrong with that statement or sentiment? Well, forgoing all of the references, imperatives, warnings, and exhortation to hold to sound doctrine and expose those who hold to false doctrine, it denies the absolute sufficiency of scripture.

Driscoll may believe he does not have all the truth, but I do. I have all the truth that God deemed fit for me to have. Recognizing that only the original manuscripts were inspired and without error, I have all the truth that God deems I need. My problem is that I don't understand all of the truth that I have. I must apply myself diligently to correctly interpret, understand, and apply the truth that God has given us. This I am working on as we speak. But to say we don't have all of the truth, or at least all of the truth that God determined to give us, speaks against the scriptures.

I will grant you the fact that Driscoll probably did not mean to denigrate the scriptures. I would like to think he does think that they are fully adequate, complete, and sufficient. I just wish he would either think about what he says or simply not say anything.


nashvillecats2 said...

People are allowed to their opinions, but there are times when to keep quiet......this was one.
Have a great week-end Gregg.

KC Bob said...

Osteen has a lot of celebrity critics that bring a lot of attention to him. I think that he probably enjoys ignoring them.