Thursday, October 8, 2015

Happy National Poetry Day

Apparently today is National Poetry Day. Don't feel bad, I didn't know either until I read my friends blog. So, in honor of today, here are two or three samples of my poetry. Hope you enjoy! Please leave a comment, would love to hear what you think. Thanks!

(Genesis 3:17-19)

Adam, I thought of you when I punched the clock today
Eight more hours of the daily grind for a little bit of pay
Did you happen to stop and think of your toils in paradise
would become a painful master when you were enticed?

What did you think when you felt that first drop of perspiration?
Did tilling the ground amongst thorns and thistles give inspiration?
Now, in the midst of my labors I think of a world without the curse
Long before we had to work for our bread and to fill up our purse

Adam, what were you thinking when you took the fruit from Eve?
Had God given you reason for mistrust or a cause not to believe?
The ground was cursed for your sake all the days of your life
now that time has passed, was it worth listening to your wife?

One foolish act brought sweat, toil, and thistles and thorns
In the sweat of your face you will have bread God warns
This labor of ours will last until dust we shall one day reprise
Happy cherishing TGIF should be to you of no great surprise!

(Genesis 11:1-9)

Once upon a time and long before yesteryear
Men spoke one language and all could hear
What anyone might say from any single place
One speech was given to serve the human race

But there came a time when men traveled east
And they settled in Shinar both men and beast
This new land became heart and hearth to them
And it was far better than where they had been

One day they said to all, let’s build us a city
So they enlisted builder, bricklayer and smitty
With a plan they chose to build to heaven high
A tower that reach above the ground into the sky

And with bricks baked through and brick for stone
Asphalt for mortar they made their plans well known
To succeed in this great scheme would seal their worth
A guarantee they wouldn’t be scattered about the earth

But so often to great men with their dreams and plan
They forget they are nothing more than mortal man
It happened that the Lord came down one day to see
The city and tower being built with such ingenuity

The Lord observed first hand all that they had done
He took note of the fact that these people were one
With one language to help them complete their scheme
Nothing could stop them for accomplishing this dream

And so the Lord said to all the members of the Trinity
Let us go down and inject the powers of our Divinity
We will confuse their language and all of their speech
Scattered and confused will stop their wicked reach

The Lord scattered them all over the face of this earth
Now all men speak but one language from their birth
The building of this city came to a halt that fateful hour
When God stopped the work on Babel’s brick tower

Can You Spare A Dime
Gregg Metcalf
September 14, 2013

Hey man, can you spare a dime
For a guy who’s hun-gry all the time
If you buy me a bur-ger and a beer
I’ll tell a story you might want to hear

I once had a wife and a baby son
I had a home when my work was done
I paid my taxes and I lived the dream
I had all I needed or so it might seem

Then one day Uncle Sam said I want you
I felt so proud to pay my patriotic due
They sent me to Iraq and gave me a gun
I fought in the sand ‘neath the blistering sun

The days were long and didn’t seem to end
I fought the enemy even though they were men
We did our job – tried to stay out of harm
I grew numb each time a buddy bought the farm

Each time I could I’d lay down to dream
Of a life that was disappearing it seems
Each man I killed made me hollow and gaunt
But fight this war was what you all want

Then one day a bullet tore through my head
They say I should have died but I lived in stead
I clung to life with an addled brain
The Doctors said I would never be sane

Uncle Sam sent me home a broken man
My wife couldn’t cope she didn’t understand
She took my son and left me all alone
Now I have nothing left I can call my own

Now I hold a sign that says I’ll work for food
I really don’t want to I just want some booze
Don’t spit on me I’m not a threat any more
I just went and fought in a politicians war

Where’s Uncle Sam when you need him most
Where’s the love for soldiers that you all boast
I fought your battles and I lost everything
I live in the street while you live like a king

Hey man, can you spare a dime
For a guy who’s hun-gry all the time
If you buy me a bur-ger and a beer
I’ll tell a story you might want to hear

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nashvillecats2 said...

Thanks Gregg for enlightening us about National Poetry Day......didn't know.
Your three poems were a joy to read and I thoroughly enjoyed each one for different reasons.
You are really good at writing verse, Well done.