Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Is Your God Sovereign or a Sissy?

First of all, if you feel an impulse to send me a post card in order to rebuke me for using the word "sissy," please restrain yourself. It is an actual word with a specific meaning.

The dictionary first states that it is a noun, secondly defines it, and then thirdly, for our benefit lists some synonyms. Look it up!

Anyways, I was doing some research on prayer and I came across this tid-bit that almost caused me to loose my breakfast:

"Why should we pray? Prayer unleashes God's power so that he is able to work in (sic) our behalf. Prayer is how God accomplishes things that he wants to see happen in our life. Since he respects our freedom of choice and freewill, prayer enables him to step into our lives. Prayer gives God permission to do what he has been longing to do all the time." (robertwells,

I am glad that this is not true of my God. My God is sovereign who does as He pleases. He is not waiting for me to give Him permission to act on my behalf. Praise God, for the fact that He allows me to share in His sovereign pleasure by desiring and encouraging me to pray. But my sovereign God is not waiting for me to permit Him to unleash His power in order to accomplish His will.

This ideology makes God out to be some kind of sissy who can't do anything while he waits around for our permission or invitation. That may be your God but it isn't my God.



nashvillecats2 said...

I will agree with your decision on this one Gregg.
Good read.

Persis said...

Not my God either, Gregg, This wrong idea puts control in the hands of man rather than where it should be. This is the same rationale used by charlatans who say people are not healed because they did not pray hard enough or have enough faith.

KC Bob said...

Hmmm. Sissy or Bully? Is there another choice?

Gregg Metcalf said...

Wow! It never entered my mind that a sovereign God who does as He pleases according to His eternal council and asks no man for leave would be considered a bully.

KC Bob said...

And it never occurred to me that a loving God who allows humans free choice would be mischaracterized as a sissy. ツ