Saturday, July 26, 2014

When They Fire Those Guns For Me*

When they Fire those Guns For Me*
Gregg Metcalf
July 24, 2014

I went to a funeral the other day for a neighbor
He laid down his tools and finally quit his labor
They gussied him up about as good as he could be
But one thing they did sure impressed the heck out of me

You see when the service started it got all quiet like a tomb
You could of heard a pin drop anywhere in that big ole room
In marched a couple of soldiers sent by our dear Uncle Sam
And when they stopped at the casket was when it all began

Outside on the lawn stood soldiers that were straight as a rod
They came to give him a salute as an Army Rifle squad
The sergeant in charge gave the command to shoulder arms
They fired those guns to honor the one who’d bought the farm

So this made me think about when it came to be my time
To cash in my chips I sure hoped to me they’d be so kind
As to fire a 21 gun salute to honor my time in the Corps
Makes me wish I could hear the sound from those rifle bores

When they fire those guns for me I want them to be loud
And while you’re at it give everyone a gun in the crowd
Let’s throw a hoe-down when they fire those guns for me
And maybe once again I can be the life of the party

*This poem is based on a 21 gun salute given in honor of my former neighbor of seven years Gene Gartman who passed away on July 21, 2014. I attended his memorial service yesterday at the Robert Gray Baptist Church of Longview, WA. Please note, in this poem I have taken much literary license. I intend on writing a far more serious poem using the same title.

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EnglishRose said...

My condolences Gregg of your neighbour's passing.
Wonderful verse also.