Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Diary of a Pastor, Entry 3

My heart is breaking for the condition of the church at large and for people who “call” themselves Christians. This week someone stated that they had picked up a copy of the movie Heaven for Real. I shuddered when I saw the various comments of support and validation of both the movie and the one who chose the movie.

I felt I needed to say something. There is something deep inside me that boils over when God’s word or His character is maligned. I also am concerned about those who say or think that they are God’s children. I have to say something.

What kind of person would I be if I knew that just two miles up the highway and around a sharp bend in the highway the bridge was washed out and I didn’t say anything to you? Wouldn’t I be a monster if I held my peace and said nothing while watching you drive towards immediate danger?

This is how I feel when I know someone is being deceived by the enemy. Regardless of how subtle, humble, or gentle my comment was, it was rejected. Not only rejected but actually ridiculed by those felt their experience of personal loss superseded years of schooling, study, and saturation of the word of God.

Many of the sheep have rejected the shepherd. That sad truth is they have not rejected the under-shepherds as much as they have actually rejected the chief shepherd. Admittedly there are many “shepherds” who have assumed the role without out having ever been gifted and appointed.

I am reminded of 1 Samuel 8:7 which says, “…for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them.” (1 Samuel 8:8, NKJV). Now, I am not comparing myself to Samuel nor am I anything more than a man whom God called and has burdened with the care of the souls of His children. I know that God is not diminished in any way by those who reject biblical truth over personal experience.

I can’t help but weep for them. I pray for them. I thank God that for whatever reason He had, He has been gracious to keep me from rejecting His wisdom for the wisdom of this world. Thank God He sent His Spirit to give me life and caused me to be born again.

Even though Heaven is for Real is very minor in comparison to the great blasphemy of the anti-Christ’s that is at work now and the Apostle John said was working even in his day, I cannot help but feel grief. Small lies are not innocuous. Small foxes ruin the field or vines Solomon said.

I can’t stem this tide that is rolling over the church at large today. It still amazes me that Paul stated that error and false doctrine in the church has been ordained by God so that the truth would be made known. This is another reminder that God is God and I am not. One more reminder that His ways are not my ways. 

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EnglishRose said...

A most interesting post to read and your views so strongly put. Sometimes it takes strong views to put across a message. Well done Gregg.