Saturday, May 31, 2014

Oops - Ran Out of Time

Sorry, hoped to share some details about the 3 1/2 days we spent in Streator today. Today got away from me. Got up today around 5:25 AM. My morning routine is to shower, shave, dress, take Fi Fi around the park and block for her morning routine, then into the office where I make coffee, feed the fish, and then have my morning devotion.

Today we had to leave for Vancouver and take care of business at the other complex Irene manages. Breakfast on the road made me think I was back on our "road trip." Coffee and a sausage biscuit, yum yum - goody!

Hard drive back to Kelso - then we drove around looking for a tree for the front flower bed in the common area of our complex. We settled on a Black Dragon. (No, you google it) We then picked up some propane for the first BBQ of the summer. We then picked up some steaks at Grocery Outlet. They are soaking up the juices right now!

We fought the construction traffic and beat feet for home. Quick lunch and discovered that A and E is having a "Longmire" marathon. Love that show. Been in the easy chair for the last 3 hours, terrible isn't it.

Details on Monday! [Lord willing! :)]

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Larri said...

Nice way to spend the day!
I've been watching Season 2 of Longmire on Netflix this week as I crafted High School Graduation decor. Love that show, too! Can't wait to see Season 3, though it will be a bit of a wait...or major time spent at the in-laws. We no longer have cable or satellite TV. Just the Roku. :) Happy Saturday! Looking forward to reading about the rest of your trip.