Wednesday, March 20, 2013

By The Numbers - Part I

 Five Key Presuppositions

Presupposition – “…to suppose beforehand

1.  God has spoken to manthe Bible is given to make man wise unto salvation.

2.  God is LORD over the worldHe rules all things for His glory, displaying perfection in all He does, in order than men may worship Him.

3.  God is Triuneall parts of the Trinity are involved in the redemptive process.

4.  God is SaviorHe is active in sovereign love, thru Christ to rescue believers from guilt, the power of sin, to adopt and bless them accordingly.

5.  Godliness means responding to God’s revelationin trust, obedience, faith, worship, prayer, praise, submission, and service



Great post Gregg and most interesting of getting the message over,


Scott said...

Solid presuppositions!