Friday, March 15, 2013

Apology to my Readers

Well, I should have known better. John Piper backpedaled so fast on his statement concerning the Roman Catholic Church that he could be a new source of energy.  He backpedaled so fast that he could have won the Tour de France on a unicycle.

Apparently he is trying to preempt a possible or expected incoming attack on his use of the word “heresy.” Blaming the fluidity of the definition of heresy and the possibility of God being able to save individuals with a skewed or errant view of salvation, he is making room for the salvation of Roman Catholics within their own doctrinal scheme.

I probably should not have quoted Piper in yesterday’s post. Over the last two or three years I have become increasingly skeptical of Piper as a valid scriptural precisionist. I have come to remove any reference of him and his works from my blog and no longer recommend him as a source of valid theology.

So, dear readers, please accept my apology for including Piper as a source for yesterday’s post. I shall not make that mistake again, Lord willing. I should have quoted Al Mohler.


Persis said...

I'm sorry Piper backpedaled, but his endorsements of late have concerned me. One can still name a system of belief as heresy without saying that someone in that system is beyond the reach of God.

jean said...

I was disappointed to read the backtracking article by John Piper but, in these days of apostasy and heresy, it doesn't surprise me. I have learned to trust no one but the Lord when it comes to His word. Everyone else must be checked out. Al Mohler is right in calling the Roman Catholic "church" what it is. False. Light cannot have fellowship or even a relationship with darkness.

Pat Donovan said...

it concerned me when i read your artical yesterday,but i thought maybe he won't mess this one up;John Piper that is. thanks for putting this out for all to read Greg.