Monday, July 30, 2012

I Need Your Help!

The church of Jesus Christ is one of my favorite themes. I love the church of Jesus Christ. I want to write on the church in future blogs and need your help. I want to evaluate your responses to two important questions. I will then write a series on the church based on your responses. Please think through your answers and give specific details. Please take this very seriously.

Why did you leave the church you left?

Why did you join the church you joined?


Persis said...

Here goes:

1. I left a church because of authoritarian leadership. The elders eventually split and many families left because the remaining leadership ignored the call for the entire church to spend time in repentance and seek God for where we needed to change. Unfortunately this soured us from attending any local church, thinking we could make it on our own which was wrong.

2. I joined my current church, because I was spiritually starving and was convicted of disobedience re: forsaking the assembling together. I joined this church because the Word is preached,. The desire of the leadership is to exalt Christ and preach the gospel to ourselves and those around us. I also researched their doctrinal statement and believe it is blblical.

Tyrean Martinson said...

1. I left my last church due to a leadership team that would not follow the Pastor, who walked away from Biblical teachings to follow the teachings of the world, and who chose empty traditions and favorite pews over the Word of God. It became more important to my last church to save the family pews than to be loving to guests. It became more important to tout the Lutefisk dinner as an outreach event than to actually read the Bible and go out into the community to serve.

2. I joined my current church because the majority of people involved wanted to make a difference in the community and wanted to focus on Biblical teachings, and not popular teachings.

Anonymous said... answers are the same as the two above. I could have written these why repeat~ ♥♥♥

Susan Nerges said...

I left my last church because of lack of support during my divorce. I no longer felt welcome there. Even though I have recently remarried, my husband and I have not yet found a church to join. We are actually thinking of starting a house church.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

1: I left my last church because I moved home.

2:The church I attend now is very welcoming ......any day of the week and the sermon on Sundays are really thought provking that it leaves you thinking for some hours after.

Take care. Gregg.