Friday, November 18, 2011

On Point With God

Our God is on a mission. God has been on a mission ever since He broke in what we know as time and space and revealed Himself to mankind. God. God created this earth with a purpose and or design and He has been "on point" actively and purposefully leading the way.Everything that God does is in accordance with His mission. There is not one thing that has taken place on this earth throughout know history that has not been used by God to further His purpose.

What is God's purpose? What is He "on point" actively and purposefully leading the way to? This answer may come as a surprise to those of you lean more to man-centered theology or philosophy rather than God-centered theology, but it is not to make you happy,healthy, and wealthy. God's singular purpose in all that He does is to reveal Himself, in the fullness of His nature and character, in order that His nature and character would be glorified. Everything that God does, including the redemption of your soul through His Son Jesus Christ is designed to fulfill that purpose.

God determined to reveal Himself in such a way in order that some of every people would be reconciled and drawn to Him. God invites all the people of the world to repent, come to know Him, and to worship Him. Knowing however that fallen man would never desire to come to the God of the Bible, God has designed a means by which He actively reconciles some men of every tribe, tongue, nation, and people to Himself.

Blackaby and Willis noted: "God has chosen to reveal Himself, His purpose, and His ways, involving His people with Him as He invites all the world's people's to know and to worship Him.

  • Through Abraham, God revealed Himself as the LORD, the Almighty, and the Provider, who wants to bless all the peoples of the world through His people
  • Through Moses, God revealed Himself as the I AM THAT I AM, who plan is to show His glory to the world through His people, who are to be a kingdom of priests to all peoples
  • Through David, God revealed that His Seed would rule all nations and His kingdom would be for all peoples.
  • Through Jesus, God revealed His love and His purpose to reconcile the world to Himself through Christ's incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension
  • Through Paul, God revealed that the mystery of the ages is that He includes all (types/kinds) peoples in His redemption (emphasis mine)
  • Through John, God revealed that some from every nation, tribe, tongue, and people will worship Him forever"
So, God is at work! God is at work at all times! God will accomplish His purpose of exalting His name, or His character and nature, as He works to draw a company of people from every tribe and nation on this earth in order to worship His exalted, glorious, and majestic character. Do not despair; God is right on time, behind everything that happens, and remains untharwted in all He does.


Pat Donovan said...

Well done, well put.

Arlee Bird said...

Amen to that. We limit ourselves by the boundaries of our own minds and what our senses tell us about the world around us. If we see through God's eyes there are no limits.

Tossing It Out

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Well written Gregg and easy to understand,

Have a great week-end.