Monday, May 16, 2011

Faith requires Action!

1950American missionary and martyr Jim Elliot wrote in his journal: 'To believe is to act as though a thing were so. Merely saying a thing is so is no proof of my believing it.'

What does Elliot mean?
Why is this a valid statement?
What are you believing without acting upon?


welcome to my world of poetry said...

I have never heard of this person before, so can't really comment on what or why he wrote.

Have a lovely day.

Cathy M. said...

I first heard of Elizabeth Elliot when as a young mother I listened to her daily radio broadcasts. She always said, "you are loved with an everlasting love." I didn't make the connection until years later that her husband was the famous martyr Jim Elliot. At the time, the story of Jim Elliot and the other missionaries who died that day made national headlines. I saw "End of the Spear," but I haven't read "Shadow of the Almighty" or "Through the Gates of Splendor."

I think Jim was restating James 2:14-26. Our actions reflect our beliefs far more accurately than our words.

Michael Wright said...

Great thought. I read "Shadow of the Almighty" a few months ago and was really impressed with Jim's strong faith and close relationship with God.

asoldierforjesus said...

Although he had many errors, Kenneth Copeland was quite right when he said, "'Believing' is an action word". I see that. And I think Jim Elliot's words agree.

Do we really believe that Jesus is coming back soon? Do we really believe that the unsaved are going to Hell? Do we really believe that the Bible is the Word of God?

We need to put our beliefs into action instead of just talking about them.

Kansas Bob said...

Love the quote Gregg. About those questions..

What does Elliot mean?
Elliot believed that God sent him to Ecuador so he went. If he did not believe that he would not have went.

Why is this a valid statement?
Without accompanying action belief is not belief but some kind of mental gymnastics.

What are you believing without acting upon?
Nothing. Using Elliot's definition I am only believing when I am acting on that belief.

Penned Pebbles said...

You really believe a thing to be true if you can act as if it were. Merely saying that you believe it means nothing. If you believe a safety net will catch you unharmed, you'll walk the high wire without a second thought. But if your belief is just talk, you'll have second, third, fourth... lots of thoughts about it and no action. True! Ask me how I know. Actually, don't. :-)

RonJoeWhite 'aka' TheOldGeezer said...

Kansas Bob nailed it! Amen! :-)