Friday, February 11, 2011

Take It From Ole Abe...

Folks, this is Ole Honest Abe here, takin' time to say a word of thanks the day before my Birthday to Eddie Eddings and Calvinistic Cartoons for both the concept, artwork, and testimony! Tell 10 people today about the Gospel-driven Disciples and Calvinistic Cartoons- and don't forget Facets of Grace!

What do you think of Mr. Lincoln's endorsement of this site?
Who do you think is the greatest President who ever served this land?

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Brad said...

The media keeps telling me that Republicans never tell the truth, so...


Anyway, I think Abe is a pretty clever guy.



It took Brother Eddie a long time to get on board and promote your blog. I've been promoting it for months!

Teddy Roosevelt is one of my all time favorite Presidents.

Gregg said...

In all fairness he has promoted to for quite some time. He drew this for me back in December, but I saved it Lincoln's birthday.

I truly appreciate your promotion of my blog, it means a lot to me, Brother! Thank you.

Kansas Bob said...

Eddie is the greatest! Yet it is hard to say who the greatest president was but Lincoln has to be in the top three. FDR seems to be the most popular being elected more than any other. Yet Abe and George were the only ones to have holidays named for their birthdays.