Sunday, February 13, 2011

Please Excuse The Dust!

Due to changes in certain circumstances
the Sunday Study will be under-going
certain remodeling and changes.

The Study in I John will be 
temporarily suspended
until further notice.

Please continue to enjoy the other posts and pages
of this blog. Gospel-driven Disciples will remain
open during this time of remodeling!

Thank you for your patient, loving, kind, merciful
longsuffering, and gracious use of this site!


Patience said...

That's ok Gregg! Hope everything is alright. Praying for you.

By the way, I am always longsuffering ;-)

Brian Ray Todd said...

I really like teh changes that you've made to this Blog site leately. The look and feel is so inviting and pleasant. the messages have always been a blessing, but a remodel of the frame in which the art is displayed adds to the joyful experience. Well done Pastor Gregg!


No problem. I completely understand. I've been under construction my whole life :-)