Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing (Part II)

[This is part two of a three part article entitled Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing. For continuity be sure to read part one posted August 18, 2010.]

TBN = Treasure, Babes, and Nicole Miller

Secondly, why do we tolerate and even watch networks like TBN? This is an ungodly, non-Christian network parading as an angel of light. These are Satan’s minions masquerading as spokespeople for God. THEY ARE NOT SPOKESPEOPLE FOR GOD!

Are you aware that one of the judgments of God on unbelief and rejection of His Word is false teachers and false teachings? Men are deceived many times because they choose to be deceived. The most horrific judgment that God can give to men on this earth in this life is to give men what they want. Even Garth Brooks seemed to understand that the best gifts of God were answered prayers. When God gives a man what his base and sinful nature desires it is a horrendous judgment, so great a judgment as to be unbearable. When God gives a man what he wants he gives him over to his base nature further condemning the man to the just sentence of damnation that he deserves. (Romans 1)

The unbeliever does not welcome, want, discern, or understand the things that belong to the realm of the Spirit of God (I Cor 2:14). The unbeliever is dead, unable to respond to anything spiritual, other than the irresistible quickening of the Holy Spirit should He choose to sovereignly give life and awake such person.

Listen, the trouble that we face is that the church does not understand and know God. The church does not understand the absolute sovereignty, sufficiency, and working of God. God’s word according to the prophet Isaiah (55:11) will not return to God without accomplishing exactly what God wants it to accomplish – never – at no time will it be rendered useless! God’s word always accomplishes its purpose, whether that purpose is to harden hearts, such as Pharaoh’s, or to smash and break a heart rendering it obedient and pliable to God.

The secular world, Gandhi, Anne Rice, the “children of our church” do not have the where-with-all to see through the likes of Crouch, Hinn, Jakes, Copeland, Myers, and any other false teacher causing them to refuse to partake in Christianity. If you believe that you fall short in understanding the heart of man. They certainly can and often do use the hypocrisy that they see in so called churches and Christians to remain in their own sin and deceit. They can and do use the failings and struggles of true children of God as a means to cling to their own idol and image of God which they have created in their own mind.

Gandhi or Rice have (had) a dead and depraved nature. They reject the God of the Bible, settling for one they have either made in their own imagination or have accepted from others who have fashioned and presented an acceptable God. Through accepting false teaching God continues to harden the heart toward the truth. God took the sin and rejection already present in Pharaoh’s heart and hardened it to further God’s purpose.

As far as people being deceived by false teachers, especially those false teachers of TBN, the Health and Wealth, the Name it Claim it (Blab it-grab it) deceiving people, yes they do deceive people. Undoubtedly millions are led further into darkness and deception by these ravenous wolves and their ilk. Do I think some spiritual babes are sucked in and deceived, yes, I allow for that possibility. That is the fault of the church. The church needs to be extremely vocal in marking false teachers and discipling new believers.

False teachers like Paul Crouch and those whom he has on his programs and networks need each other. They need each other in order to live the life they aspire to live. TBN needs false teachers in order to increase the number of viewers. The greater the number of viewers the more opportunity to peddle the false gospel of wealth, the books and tapes or CDs that propagate their false doctrine. Naturally the more listeners the more opportunity for those who greedily desire the same level of lifestyle to send in their offerings, even from their poverty. These false teachers and false doctrines are the vehicle by which these false teachers appeal to the base nature of human beings exploiting and extracting the wealth which furnishes their own base greed, lust, and fleshly appetites.

(To be continued Lord willing in Part III)


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Another compelling read Gregg, which I found again absorbing.
I am not familiar with the network TBN so am at a loss as to what that is all about,

Hope you are much better and back to your usual self.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

[color=#0000ff]Great post! thank you for sharing this information. really got under my
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welcome to my world of poetry said...

Gregg thanks for the visit and the wonderful comment + the poem which I unashamededly had a few tears,
I feel a burden is lifted from my shoulders, perhaps I should have said something before but thought this person would give up and go away. Yesterday was the stra w that broke the camel's back and I either had to say something as to why I was going to leave or just up and go. well I thought long and hard and common sense won the day,

Other people know of that sort of thing going on so I wasn't the only one.

Thank you Gregg

Gregg said...

Yvonne - again, I am glad you found the post compelling and not boring! Believe me you are not missing anything by not being familiar with TBN. I am just about back to normal, thanks. This was a tough case of the flue.

You are welcome for the comment and the poem, it was from my heart and I meant it. Glad you are going to rise above what ever was going on.