Monday, August 2, 2010

Thank You For Praying!

Report on Bible Study

I have never started a neighborhood bible study before. I have had the privilege of starting them within the confines of an existing fellowship or they were already in existence and I was appointed the teacher or leader. This is an interesting experience dealing with non-believers and “believers” who are not part of a fellowship already.

I wanted an evangelistic study in order to share Christ and see folks come to the saving knowledge of Jesus and submit to discipleship. As I said this is different for me, normally believers are already use to setting time aside and when they make a commitment they keep that commitment.

I have blogged for six weeks about this study, posted it on Facebook a number of times, enlisted you guys to pray, and passed out flyers on a number of streets in our neighborhood. I have prayed often and hard.

Tonight the first study arrived and one by one my “neighbors” had other things to do. Some had guests from out of town who didn’t want to go, others didn’t have time, etc. So tonight it was my wife and myself.

I have four who did promise next Sunday evening, so I am going to get excited about next Sunday. I am fighting disappointment but God is sovereign and His perfect will was worked out as He saw fit.

The enemy is at work and I will just keep after his disciples until Christ chooses to make them His disciples! Thank you for your prayers.


JD Curtis said...

Do not get discouraged my friend. I remembered you in prayer last weekend.

Look forward to next weekend. Keep seeking others to attend if possible and I will continue to pray.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Gregg what time do you do these Bible studies? is it on line? why I ask is because due to the time zone factor what may be a conveinient time for you it's probably someone else's bedtime.
I for one would be interested I hope you're not disappointed next week.

RCUBEs said...

I am constantly praying for your protection and His wisdom brother Gregg. And praying for the Lord to open those people's eyes, hearts, minds, be receptive of things about Him. God bless.

Loren said...


I'm so sorry and no doubt this is disappointing but remember you have been obedient to the call and the Lords timing is perfect. Just continue to do as HE leads you and trust that God will bring each person. Sometimes it might just be one, sometimes none. But the Lord knows YOUR heart and you can only do what HE is telling you and what your neighbors do or don't do has nothing to do with you but pray for them, their hearts and that they would be obedient to the drawing of the Lord. Maybe pray that fear would not keep them from coming or whatever the Spirit leads you as each person is brought up to you. God is in this and your obedience and desire to serve HIM will shine for all to see!

Bless you as you go about this week and prayers will continue!

Kansas Bob said...

I have similar experiences Gregg. Hang in there and the Lord may bring them in one at a time.. all you need is 2 or 3 gathered in His name.

Gregg said...

JD Curtis- unfortunately I was discouraged for a moment, but I know God is in charge. I am going to keep working and trusting, Thanks for your prayers.

Yvonne - I don't know how to do them on line. I wonder how I could find out how to to that? They are in real time, Sunday evenings at 5:00 PM.

KB - you are right, one or two. One at a time. Lord willing I will hang in there. Thank you!

RCUBEs - thank you for your prayers, I need them!

Loren - thank you for your kind words they are very encouraging. Thank you for your prayers. I hope to have good news to report next week.

Wanda said...

Gregg, I'd just encourage you to remain consistent. We are called to do the assignment and God's in charge of the results. Personally, He's been teaching me about being faithful regardless of the number of attendees.

Wanda said...

Gregg, I'd just encourage you to remain consistent. We are called to do the assignment and God's in charge of the results. Personally, He's been teaching me about being faithful regardless of the number of attendees.

Pilgrim Mommy said...

Still praying. I'm also praying for persevering grace for you as you hang in there even in the face of opposition.

JD Curtis said...


I'm going to redouble my efforts and now pray for your Bible study on a daily basis, several times a day as I remeber to do it.

Not only that, I'm going to specifically pray that unbelievers specically come as well.

james said...

Hang in there Gregg! God wants people in your neighborhood and he will bring them!

Davidson said...

Just give up Gregg, you and your wife have other things you can do. Why should you suffer the embarrassment of no shows. You started this and you certainly can end it at your pleasure.