Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some Summer Sneak-peaks

What to watch for in July and August

June took a very interesting turn for the Gospel Driven Disciples. A few well thoughtout questions prompted me to attempt to answer some of those questions which turned into a month of some pretty heavy doctrinal issues. That is certainly alright with me, I love biblical truth. I certainly love to teach it.

There are still a few lingering questions I have not gotten to yet. I hope to provide some brief, yet biblically based answers that lend themselves to practical application.

So, what can you look for in the next couple of summer months from the Gospel Driven Disciples? I am glad you asked!

  • Some posts about prayer in light of God who is sovereign and has determined or decreed his eternal will and plan for this universe, including you and me.

  • Does God repent or change his mind? What do those references actually mean where it seems to imply that God experiences regret?

  • Can human beings, or any entity for that matter, resist God?

  • I want to tackle the doctrine of predestination and election. What do those terms mean? How did the bible writers intend for us to understand them? How do they apply to our day to day lives?

  • I also want to share some of the attributes of God with you in a polemical format.

  • I hope to share some word studies on some very important theological terms, issues, ideas, and definitions.

So, as they say on television, don’t go away, stay tuned to your regularly scheduled programming; Lord willing we will be right back after this short commercial break!


welcome to my world of poetry said...

I look forward to those in the future,.......if I'm still blogging.

Have a lovely day.

The Old Geezer said...

Interesting Questions. As always, I look forward to my daily dose of Pastor Gregg. :-)

Anonymous said...

That sounds great!! The new look of your blog is really nice. :) Have a blessed day!!

Gregg said...

Yvonne - I hope you're still blogging; you aren't going anywhere are you?

OG - you are too kind. But thanks!

Smile- Jesus Loves You - thanks, I kinda like the new too. Glad it sounds good to you

arlee bird said...

I am looking forward to these even though I'm still looking backward trying to catch up with your posts. So much of what you say is so thought-provoking and calling for study I have been letting them pile up. I'm gradually trying to catch up though. Your posts are so often very deep that I get csught up in them.
Thank you for what you are doing.

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