Tuesday, April 27, 2010

W is for Where Would I Be?

Before this challenge is over and since Welcome to My World of Poetry has been such an inspiration I wanted to try my hand at poetry. I was meditating on the priceless grace of our Lord Jesus Christ one day. As I mediated it came to me that without His grace I would be lost. That prompted me to jot down some thoughts that asked the question, where I would be without Him?

Where Would I Be?
By Gregg Metcalf

I’m the one stained within
by a heart black with sin
Standing condemed today
I won’t even seek after you
But everytime you look at me
You don’t see what used to be
I’m clean by the Son you slew

Where would I be without your grace
without your favor poured on me
Nothing could I do to obtain
one drop of grace that would
remove every stain
Until you opened up my eyes
I couldn’t see you standing there
But you made me realize
my sin you would gladly bear
thank you for taking me in

Now I am yours indeed
Having all that I need
Every step I take
By your grace all the way
Growing daily for your sake
Yes you give me everthing
I need to live for you
Even the very will to do
Of you I will forever sing


RCUBEs said...

Simply beautiful bro. Gregg. God bless.

covnitkepr1 said...

Good blog...nice posts...lots of scripture usage.


A wonderful poem Gregg the message you intended came across very well.
Thank you for the mention.

Take care.
From the "Inspirational" Yvonne.

Shannon said...

Beautiful poem buddy! See your a poet and you didn't even know it!


Good Morning Brother Gregg

Great poem! Maybe you should start writing more poetry and publish a poem book . I'll buy a copy.


Loren said...

What a beautiful poem Gregg....A heart full of thankfulness and love for his Saviour!!

A Rhema word indeed....because I feel the same as you have described...thank you!

Cheri Chesley said...

Fantastic. I've been hit with that poetry bug, too. It's contagious.

Lisa said...

Ah, sweet poem Gregg. Your heart for God shines through. :)

Kelly said...

Welcome to My World Of Poetry is am inspiration. But you did an incredible job too. Great poem!