Saturday, April 3, 2010

C is for Confidence


Today’s word is confidence. I have taken it from Hebrews 10:19 where it says:

Therefore, brothers, since we have confidence to enter the holy places by the blood of Jesus, by the new and living way that he opened for us through the curtain, that is through his flesh, and since we have a great priest over the house of God, let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith…” (Emphasis mine, ESV)

The Greek word used by the author of Hebrews carries the meaning of “freedom in speaking,” as in an “unreservedness in speech.” It implies the freedom to speak openly or frankly. It also carries the meaning of “free and fearless confidence, a cheerful courage, and even boldness or assurance.”

We, as children of God, do not have to cower in fear or sneak in shame when we come into the presence of our God. We are welcomed to come into the very presence of the majestic creator of this universe with absolute confidence. Why is that? How is that possible? Why is it such a problem for many believers?

Inside of the tabernacle and the temple there was an inner room that was called the Holy of Holies. It was known as the most Holy place. It was a sacred place that no human being was allowed to enter, accept once a year by the High Priest. This Holy of Holies was the place where God dwelt among His people.

A thick huge curtain separated the Holy of Holies from the Holy Place. This curtain is what we know as the “veil.” It was beautiful woven with golden ornaments of Cheri bum covering it. It was beautiful.

The Hebrew word “veil” means screen, divider, or a separator that hides. You ask what this veil hiding was. It actually shielded God from sinful mankind. If anyone came into that place, accept the High Priest once a year on the Day of Atonement, that person would die.

The veil was a symbolic and visual demonstration of the barrier that separated man from God. It demonstrated that God’s holiness; his holy character can not be violated. The veil was a barrier to make sure that no man could carelessly and irreverently enter into the awesome presence of a thrice holy God. (Isaiah 6:3)

Even the High Priest did not enter that place with confidence. On the contrary. Bells were sewed into the hem of his robes so that if God did not accept the atoning sacrifice and he were killed and the bells ceased to jingle, he was assumed to be dead. A rope was attached to one ankle so that if he were killed he could be pulled out of the holy of holies without anyone else needing to go in and pull him out.

The confidence that we now enjoy comes from the fact that at precisely the exact moment that Jesus called out with a loud voice and said, “Father into your hands I commit my spirit,” that curtain was torn in two from the top to the bottom. The moment Christ died a new way was made possible granting direct access of man into the very presence of God. For with Christ’s death sin was atoned for, God was satisfied with the propitiatory sacrifice of His only-unique Son. The division was gone. The separation was ended.

Mankind now access to the very presence of a holy God through and only through the Lord Jesus Christ! Hebrews chapter 10 tells us that is was by a new and living way that Christ opened that curtain, through his flesh. In other words, through the body that he offered God in death as a sacrifice opened that curtain.

Now, a child of God can boldly with confidence enter the presence of God with no fear, no shame, no guilt, no hesitation, and no fear of rejection. Why? Because we come into the presence of God not in our own merit, not in our own worth, not in our own authority, but in the merit, worth, and authority of our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ!

It is not by works, by offerings, by baptism, by indulgences, by priests, by Mary but by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ alone. We come confidently into the presence of God because of the finished atoning work of Jesus Christ on the cross.

The result is that we have freedom in speaking to God. We may speak freely and openly. We can converse with our God with cheerful courage with boldness and assurance. We are able to come into Gods’ presence with confidence!



A wonderful example of confidence Gregg. I went through a period in my life many years ago after being widowed losing my confidence, I suppose it was used to having someone by my side for 35 years as my children had all flown the nest by then. However it gradually came back, I will be honest there are days when I could do with a little boost but I am confident as I can and I am grateful for that.

Happy Easter to you.

Shannon said...

Beautifully written! Gregg, I can come confidently into Christ's presence knowing He is waiting with open arms. Thanks for sharing this post.


Sometimes it's not so easy to come before God to confess sin. But once we do, the cleansing of our mind by the blood of Christ will deliver us from the guilt and allow us to continue to stay in fellowship with our heavenly Father.

Wanda said...

Thank God for making away that I might confidently communicate with a caring Lord. Enjoyed your post! Have a happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! Now I'm thinking about how confidence and the ability to feel free to speak comes from relationship and feeling secure in relationships. Christ enabled us to have a relationship with God where we can struggle and doubt and just be imperfect humans... and still be accepted and loved and valued. Amazing. :)

Trevor Peck said...


Love in the Truth.

Trudy said...

Amen indeed! Praise God for the gift of His Son, by whose death and resurrection we can claim confidence in our salvation!

A beautiful 'c' post! Good luck on the challenge, I will definitely be back to visit as we progress.

Have a blessed Easter!

RCUBEs said...

How cool is that...that through Jesus, our High Priest, we have a sinless Mediator and is alive! So now, we can go to the throne of God boldly, confidently because of Him...Glory to God! Blessings to you and happy Resurrection Day.

Lisa said...

My goodness what an incredible "c" post. I really enjoyed this Gregg and am grateful for the confidence that is ours in approaching our Lord.

Have a blessed Easter!

Pilgrim Mommy said...

This is so encouraging. Praise God the veil has been torn in two! What a great High Priest we have!

Carol Conway-Fleisher said...

What a great post! I so needed to hear it. I struggle with confidence. I'm thankful that we can go into God's presence with confidence too! :)


It's really hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that we can come BOLDLY to the throne of grace. The throne where the Creator of the Universe, The Great I AM, The Alpha and Omega,
The Beginning and the End, Love, Judge, and King sits. I'm kind of where David was when he said, "
What is man that thou art mindful of him?"

arlee bird said...

That was a very informative post, Gregg. And it is so good to know that God has torn down the walls so that we can come to him.