Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eight Ways to Know You Are Headed the Wrong Direction Spiritually

1. You no longer have a quiet time or daily devotion
2. You can’t remember the last time you opened your bible
3. You are placing expectations on people around you
4. You are no longer serving or ministering to those in the body
5. You have looked at your watch more than a dozen times in the service
6. You have developed a small lump of bitterness and have begun complaining
7. You have failed to rejoice and to give thanks in everything
8. You have stopped praying and have become independent of God

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Eddie Eddings said...

Thanks for posting U-Turn signs along the way. My danger is whatever I am involved with. I had to quit, cold turkey, an on-line game four years ago. It was called, "City of Heroes" and I was obsessed with it. Now, it's blogging. I have to be careful not to allow it to dominate my spiritual life. God knows how easy it is to let, even something good, take control and crowd out God. We must all heed the warning signs he puts in front of us.