Saturday, July 25, 2009

Asking the “Tough Questions” Series Part I

Am I godly? Do people consider me to be a godly person? Titus 2: 12 reads, “…training us to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self–controlled, upright, and godly lives in the present age.” (ESV) What does godly mean? Godly or godliness has reference to a manner of life that is centered on God which is characterized by devotion, holiness, and reverence toward God. We can even say that godliness is a combination of an attitude of devotion to God which results in conduct that is conducive to the attitude of devotion. The Greek word from which we derive godliness or even piety from is eusebeia. Its original meaning gave the idea of the appropriate attitude that inspired reverence and awe toward and of God. It actually comes from a word that means “to step back” or “to keep a distance.” Almost no one likes to have people violate their “space.” We all have a comfortable distance that we place around ourselves where we want other people to stay out of. When people cross that imaginary line, we become uncomfortable and we expect them to “step back and to keep the proper distance from us.” Most people do, they will step back and keep a “respectable distance” because they “respect” us – not because they worship us or are awed by us. Due to respect and decorum they will step back. Even though we are welcomed to come and to even come boldly in to the presence of God, we come with respect and awe and fear. We come with a proper attitude of reverence and awe because those attitudes are the proper response to his character. Godliness, which is to characterize our lives honors God as both Creator and as Redeemer. Godliness springs from our faith in Christ Jesus and this faith is then expressed in our daily living. The essence of the Christian life is godliness.
So, as I think on these things, I am compelled to ask myself the tough question, do people think I am godly? Do I exhibit the characteristics of a godly man?

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