Sunday, April 12, 2009

Every Lord's Day - The Tomb is Empty!

"I was minded, as I thought over this passage of my discourse, of that time when Jacob journeyed to the house of Laban. It is said he came to a place where there was a well, and a great stone lay upon it, and the flocks and herds were gathered round it, but they had no water till one came and rolled away the great stone from the well's mouth, and then they watered the flocks.
Even so the tomb of Jesus is like a great well springing up with the purest and most divine refreshment, but until this stone was rolled away, none of the flocks redeemed by blood should be watered there; but now, every Sabbath day, we gather round our Lord's open sepulchre, and draw living waters from that sacred well.
O ye weary sheep of the fold,O ye who are faint and ready to die, come ye hither;here is sweet refreshment;Jesus Christ is risen:let your comforts be multiplied."
--Charles H Spurgeon

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