Thursday, April 23, 2009

Drinking At the Fountain of Good!

In The Company of Calvin… “But although our mind cannot conceive of God, without rendering some worship to him, it will not however, be sufficient simply to hold that he is the only being whom all ought to worship and adore, unless we are also persuaded that he is he fountain of all goodness, and that we must seek everything in him and in none but him.” (John Calvin) It is only by God’s grace and the working of His Holy Spirit, that we are brought to an awareness that God is not only our maker but that he also supports us by His power, rules us by His providence, cares for us by His goodness, and gives to us all kinds of blessings.
It is this knowledge that a real life of faith in Christ and that a beneficial knowledge of God springs up! This is what teaches us to live a life of faith and holiness to the glory of God.
What is it? The knowledge that God alone is the very fountain, or source of every good thing. It is the knowledge that we can trust Him as the supply for everything and every need that we will ever experience

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