Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Have Some Good News and I have some Bad News

How many times has a conversation that has begun with that introduction ended well? Normally we are given a choice as to what news we would like to hear first. Being the kind of guy that always rips the band-aid of in one swift motion, I always choose to hear the bad first. My thought process of course is let's get the bad out of the way and then temper the news with something good. The bible certainly has some bad news and some good news! We don't have to be a certified genius to discover that blinding flash of insight. The bad news is that we are eternally seperated from God and under His judgement and wrath while we are outside of His beloved Son. The good news is that God apart from any coersion or force apart from His own good purpose has given us Himself through His Son to be our redeemer. What wonderfully good news! God has purposed to redeem us for His glory!


Alice said...

Hi Gregg,

Thanks for linking up!

I always chose the bad news first, too. I have known the bad news most of my life, it wasn't until He found me and introduced me to the Good News that I really began to live!

Your blog always gives me a lot to think about.

Susan said...

Hi Gregg,

followed through Ma's Firsts, and here I am :)

Depends on my mood whether I want good first or last... sometimes hearing good first makes the bad part a little more bearable for me.

In relation to my relationship with Jesus, the good news is always first! Jesus saved me! So no matter what the bad news is, the good news is first, and is my sword and my shield! :D

Anonymous said...

Now this was fun, wasn't it Gregg?
And what a perfect beginning blog post! :)

fifacosmetic said...
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