Friday, November 20, 2020

Live Free to the Glory of God!


I know that the un-redeemed will be sent a strong delusion and they will believe the lie. My heart is grieved by wondering if the church is being deluded?

1. We are not citizens of this world. We are pilgrims waiting and searching for the heavenly city of God.
2. We are children of a sovereign God who has already determined the means and the moment of our death. Stop worrying about those two things and live every moment as if it is your last moment. Covid-19 will not take your life one nano second sooner than God has already determined.
3. Stop hanging on to a world that is decayed, destructive, and doomed. Hold possessions lightly. Live for and long for heaven.
4. Set your affections on things that are above.
5. There is no need to fear disease or viruses. God is sovereign over them. Common sense precautions yes! Fear? No! Fear is bondage.
6. Pray for all men, particularly those who are in governmental authority in order for us to live quiet, holy, and productive lives, peacefully sharing the gospel, not muzzled, in fear, locked down, separating us from those who need us most.
7. Remember, whether we live or die, it is for the glory of God! (Romans 14:8). What is the worst that could happen to us? We will be translated into the presence of the living God, to experience the lavish grace of God through the Lord Jesus Christ forever!

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nashvillecats2 said...

Wise words Greg, hope you and entire family are safe and well.