Monday, December 11, 2017

The Trinity Conspires to Save the Sinner

Do not think that a decision or a prayer can or will save you. The Father draws you, the Son accepts you, and the Holy Spirit applies the work of atonement to your heart. 

Your salvation flows from three (3) aspects of Divine Will and Wisdom: 

1) Reservation: God determined to save you (election)

 2) Redemption: the Son died to save you (definite atonement)

 3) Regeneration: the Spirit decided to save you. (irresistible grace)

Thomas Goodwin puts it this way: "...God the Father rose up in heaven...'Son, yonder is a soul which I have given you from everlasting, which you died upon the cross for; now is the fullness of time for you to have mercy upon him; go take him and own him for your own, and now actually possess him." 

I beg you to stop dishonoring God by saying that through your own free will you can conjure saving faith on your own to and choose to either reject or accept and believe or repent by your own will. 

I beg you when the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit moves upon your heart, honor His Free Grace and trust in His glorious salvation.

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nashvillecats2 said...

Much wisdowm is written here Gregg. Thanks for sharing.